Touchstone, Alchemyworx, UK & US

Digital marketing campaign application that analyses a subject line to predict the click and open rates.

Scope of the project included Consulting, requirements study, design, development and automated testing. The application was built by inhouse IT team and freelancers and later taken over by Elixirexperts (ITERON) as an end to end services including application support and cloud maintenance

Key Feature

The application was aiming to solve the problem for marketing campaigners on evaluating and predicting how good their "Subject line" is. The application is called A database of millions of subject lines with their click and open rates has been built by the Client. The product is used by big banks and other retail companies in UK and US. Subject line evaluation involves Artificial intelligence to scan through the database of millions of subject lines, applying algorithms and predicting the effectiveness of subject line given. It not only predicts but also proposes the best nearest matching subject lines that have better hit ratios. The product was initially developed by multiple hands like inhouse teams, freelancers and contractors. The ownership of the application or the best practices were missing. When it came to scaling up the application, it was quite fragile for changes as well as had performance issues.

We built an offshore Team to cater to the needs and challenges of touchstone go-to-market problems. Team took over the knowledge from the existing teams/freelancers with minimal support and came out with the best practices approach. There were quite a lot of revamps on the server side to optimise the usages/costs in AWS, adapting the AI engines with new libraries, completely changing the frontend with reactjs for better responses and with a engine of elixir as backend to solve the performance issues.



Our engagement with ITERON began following a strategic decision to transition the application development and support of SAAS email campaign testing platform Touchstone from our internal IT Team. ITERON managed the transition smoothly and cost effectively with minimum impact on our day to day Business.

The team ITERON assigned to the Project is professional and committed delivering high service levels. 2 years on from our initial engagement we consider ITERON to be a key part of our IT roadmap.

We are very happy with the partnership.

Mr. Dela Quist | CEO | Alchemyworx | United Kingdom