"We love what we do and we love helping others succeed at what they love to do."

ELIXIREXPERTS is a Brand of ITERON Group with key focus on Custom built solutions based on new technologies like Elixir, Reactjs, Nodejs. The Company was formed by 4 Directors from different continents coming with more 20+ years of experience in outsourcing indutry.

An Information Technology firm providing innovative solutions to industries through modern technology tools, high end services, business consultancy and processes implementations. The group works on the concept of right shore models to cater to the needs of the clients effectively across the globe to overcome the cultural differences, language barriers and expectation gaps.

Who we are?

We are a team of 50+ Elixir Experts with experience on global grounds in various industry verticals. Programming fascinates us !

What we do?

We’re focused on honing our crafts and bringing everything we have to the table for our clients. We create custom built solutions !

Why we do it?

Working with clients who love their work combines into a fun, wonderful partnership for everyone involved. Quality is our Mantra!

105+ Projects
  • Custom Built Solutions
  • Support& Maintenance
  • End to End Services
50+ Customers
  • Longterm relationships
  • 95% Satisfied Clients
  • Global Client base
80+ Employees
  • 85% Technical experts
  • 10% Business Analysts
  • 10% QA Engineers
6 Global locations
  • Right Shore model
  • Value vs Costs
  • Quick on-boarding